Here is everything Pete can offer you.


Here is everything Peter can offer.


Solo Guitar

Whether you like Jazz, Blues, Classical or Contemporary Songs (’60’s to current), Pete can cover all of these genres with just his one guitar! With his unique uncluttered, unhurried style and arrangement of songs, Pete’s solo guitar repertoire is ideal for Restaurants, Weddings, Parties, Corporate gigs and more.


Duo gigs are also available in many combinations. Guitar and Sax, Guitar and Vocals, Guitar and Bass, Guitar and Piano and even Two Guitars.

All options cover a wide spectrum of music….perfect for Weddings, Restaurants, Parties and Corporate Gigs.

Larger Combos

Larger ensembles specialising in Jazz and Funk are also available.

Green St. Jazz Trio play a mixture of jazz standards and uniquely arranged contemporary songs, ideal for weddings,  parties and corporate functions.

Green St. Organ Trio are a guitar led Hammond Organ Trio which normally gigs as an instrumental band. Guest singers and Sax players are also on call should the occasion require a bigger sound.